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Banks that deal with the forex. And best of order

We define the beginning of electronic banking for the convenience of all
Electronic banking, such as ordinary banks and these banks are formally recognized and internationally have been deployed in electronic banking is widespread and the number of users to millions since its emergence in 1995 and became the most investment e is through these banks as allow you to bank online payment of money to any company that wants to invest in. It is a way to pull earnings of the companies profitability to your account as you can about the banks through e-shopping online and you can send money to and from anyone in the world with an account in a bank mail.

All transactions are electronic banking through the Internet only and will not deal directly.

Electronic banking months:

Bank Alert Bay :

Is the most popular electronic banking, is the most prominent use in corporate profitability of companies such as PTC and others.
Methods of drawing and shipping the most prominent of several dealing with the * intermediary or receiving a check on the home address, but recommend that you always deal with a broker and sack as the best and safest way of shipping and the clouds from the bank.
Bank is well suited to Granny Profit from net on the basis that most companies profit Btaataaml with him.
Bank Bitlb activate the account by sending a picture of the personal card from both sides + one to connect the electric or water to confirm the address.

Bank Web site :

Bank liberty reserve:

The Bank is appropriate for clients in the forex market, where deals with the most famous and most prominent companies in addition to Forex Alhaib companies and also deals with some sites profitability.
Bank of easy handling and very secure.
Does not require dealing with the bank where the introduction of special documents are not required to activate the account
After opening the account and your account is fully ready to send and receive money safely.
Shipping and withdrawals from the bank is dealing with an intermediary.

Bank Web site :

Bank money ebookers :

Is one of the most prominent banks Valtsouk on the internet and is an alternative to Paypal Bank of others available in Egypt, where you can buy sites and other products quite easily.
Some companies are dealing with Forex Deutsch ebookers.
You can link your Valmany ebookers Baelovesia you and your shipping and can draw from the bank easily as you can deal with a broker as well.
Bank requires activation of the account, and the activation is through the code receive the home address you enter to activate the account.

Bank Web site :

Important Notices

1) the mediator is a person who ship or withdrawal of electronic banking for individuals against a small percentage of the amount, sending the median amount to be Nhoilp then the intermediary to send equivalent Alambg the Egyptian pound and the receipt of your money to mail the Egyptian Vodafone Cash or transfer credit, or to see with the mediator and there is a special section to request shipping and the clouds and there are many brokers in the forums and sites.

2) data and the documents required by the bank while opening the account are completely confidential and completely safe, not afraid to send your bank's website.

3) the PIN and secret question that should be preserved and not to give any data to any person or company whatsoever and under any circumstance.

4) Do not enter the bank through the private messages on this Thread Alamil at all, which has emerged since the period like the last few pages designed by some accounts to steal from individuals, type the name of the site yourself.

5) When you login to the account registration page (login) Make sure there is a sign of protection
Next to the URL

After explaining the concept of electronic banking is worth mentioning VISA illustrate the use of the Internet to complete the picture in front of everyone.

Buy all the sites on the net accept Visa and is most prominent in the procurement process and in dealing with forex as well, where accepted by all companies use Forex Visa Thus, placement and withdrawal.
And is readily available in Egypt and can be extracted from Aktar from a bank in Egypt.

Easier and faster Internet VISA Visa is the Arab African Bank, where you can at 20 pounds only extracted and received after the quarter of an hour and be ready for shipment and use directly
Do not require a bank, open an account.
Important Note: Arab African Bank Visa purchase and can be shipped from the net, but You can not receive funds because the piece requires a bank, open an account.

Visa can also extract the net through NSGB bank or bank BNP Paribas and other foreign banks, but this requires a bank, open an account.


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