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How to choose a company that you want to Forex Trading with it.?

How to Choose a Forex company?:

Trade has witnessed a currency or forex hugely popular in recent years, especially in the Arab world and this is due to intake of the great can be achieved in this market is very small amounts relative to the dignity of the investment classic, and all from the comfort of home via the Internet But before that starts to the world of Forex hopes of gold you have to take caution, there are many companies practicing fraud and fraud and other companies charge spreads and earn huge commissions to the extent they are able to convert some bargains to lost fees the company's large Zbk has decided to write this article to help the Arab investor who wishes to enter the market Forex Forex appropriate selection of a company before you start trading.

1 - License: the most important feature of any Forex company is licensed and only being licensed does not mean anything if not a license from the license-known in one of the developed countries to ensure that the body authorized to monitor the permanent and daily business.

2 - Support: Make sure that the company is able to provide support and assistance to clients at any time and a language understood by any technical error that may cost you money.

3 - Insurance: Make sure that the accounts of customers in the company insured in case of insurance, the insurance company will guarantee the re your money in any event, even if the company went bankrupt, closed or disappeared.

4 - Spreads and commissions: Spreads and Commissions is the way that earn these companies money, but make sure the entitlement of the three conditions first and then look for the best price in the end What is the benefit to find a company for a cheap, but she will run your money there is no license or insurance.

5 - power jack or Allifarag: Rulp crane is a double-edged sword of the more Tved with the rate of profit and loss if the power jack for your 1:200, it means that the company Stkarzk 200 dollars for every dollar deposited by the use of purchasing power. Leave the decision to limit the power booster you, my dear reader this is your money and you are known by.

6 - Islamic accounts: If you are adherents of the Islamic religion, it may wish to make sure that the company offers free accounts of the interest (Sawab).
In the end, I would like to commend the company United World Capital, a leader in Forex as it is a European company licensed and regulated by the General Authority for financial services in the United Kingdom (UK) and all accounts insured up to 20000 euros per account as well as support in the Arab 24 per day As for the commissions and spreads, the company does not Taatkady Taatkady any commissions and spreads very low compared to any other licensed company (sometimes up to 0.01 points per decade) and in addition to the piece, the company offers power jack starting from 1:1 and up to 1: 500 for the client to choose from as he pleases. The company also offers Islamic accounts of the interest-free account (free of Sawab) for those who want the clients. For more information or to open a new account visit our website:
Mitatrdr 5 platform forex
Mitatrdr platform 5 is a new platform for trading and has been designed as a successor platform Mitatrdr 4 famous and favorite when currency traders (FX) and CFDs on stocks and futures. This platform is still in the stage of development and experimentation year, ie it is available for testing by any user to get rid of any defects before the interview to put forward an alternative platform Almitatrdr 4.


* Able to see the rolling of the depth of liquidity of the market on any of the trading instruments, and this helps to avoid trading tool of liquidity is very low.

* Offers four types of execution of requests, which include the immediate implementation and execution on the market and new types of applications pending.

* Sends data requests for Automated Trading (Expert Advisor Odwizor) to the server is encrypted and without a name without the robot and stored on the hard drive.

* The platform is designed to be easy, clear and very practical for the novice and advanced traders alike.

* Comes with the platform 5 new indicators for technical analysis and 39 graphics and several indicators cover most of the indicators famous.

* The enhanced security features and increase the encryption.


* 5 Almitatrdr been programmed from scratch and without relying on its predecessor, which could lead to the emergence of problems of software more than expected.

* The Place and a new language for robots and scripts mm means that all programs that were running on a platform Mitatrdr 4 will not work bug new platform without modifying the source code for the line with the new programming language.

* Were canceled special Alheidjing that is working will not be able to open a center for buying and sales center on the same tool together

In the end it was too early to judge the platform Mitatrdr 5, where the developer still add new features and fix some errors, but, and I also recommend readers of investors and traders, the Forex market fast-moving and therefore they should be ready for any changes in the trading programs and that the testing platform currently is very important to ensure the perfect use and appropriateness of trading ..
UWC, I advise all traders testing the new platform for free with FX leading United World Capital
This company is a pioneer in the field of currency trading (FOREX) and CFDs on stocks, gold and silver, the European company licensed by the Almmellkp Nations and all customer accounts secure. The company also provides free Islamic accounts of the interest and support in Arabic 24 hours a day. To learn more about the company please visit:


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