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Fair and Transparency

Why is the currency market is the fairest market in the world ..!?

Because: it is a very huge market, it can not be a limited class or someone that affect it easily.

For example, if you compare the stock market, if you own shares in a company once the simple statement of one of the officials of this company is sufficient to affect the share price, which owned up or down.

In the currency market and that market is huge it can not be an individual or entity that affects it, and are not affected by exchange rates, but moves the economies of scale and the estimated billions, and are not affected but the official statements governmental organizations are not of any state, but from the larger economies such as the United States or Japan or the European Union. Or statements of finance ministers and central banks of these countries.

This keeps you "movements" manipulation that is often suffered by owners of shares the young and by company officials and senior shareholders, who might - say might - have a personal interest in raising or lowering the stock prices, there have been many of these stories, even in the shares of global companies Despite the tightening measures and control.

The magnitude of the currency market and they are not only affected by the official statements of the largest countries in the world and economic officials of these countries the official exchange market makes it more transparent, there is no secrets there and not tampered with.

This avoids the forex market stores a lot of bumps "hidden" that traffickers may face in other markets.

Take advantage of emerging market and the market decline.

As we can, in principle, access to trading profit in a commodity, whether the market was going up or down.

Although, most dealers stock markets for example, not only in trading emerging market.

What does this mean?

Means that the majority of stock market traders are looking for stocks that they expect that prices will rise in the near future to buy the shares in the hope of selling them at a higher price, but when they know that the shares of a company fall as they benefit from, it does not sell these shares to re-buy them again at a lower price of the sale price and keep the gain difference of the two rates.


Because: the trade in bear market in shares is characterized by complex and frequently restrictions, making it the area of danger, because the States and stock exchanges to impose special regulations for trading in the market decline in stocks in fear that the intended business executives or those with an interest rate cut stock for their own benefit, so there are many constraints that make from trading shares in the market downward a complex issue that does not deal only by professionals and owners of extensive knowledge. as well as in markets for goods while it you can trade and get profit when you expect that the price of a commodity will decline but that, in practice, most dealers commodity markets also tend to work the bullish market, they are searching for any goods that they believe that prices will rise, while in bear markets of goods Few are dealing with.

Because the goods most likely be traded in a special way called derivatives derivatives as we have a method that is difficult to explain here, make the trading market, declining high risk and therefore does not deal only by experienced and capabilities and know-how high, but the vast majority of traffickers from ordinary people, they and the principle of safety deal only in the emerging market.

The Vomrha various currencies as the market bullish and bearish market faithful Sean ..!!

And all can be traded in the currency of either the expectation that the price will rise or fall over without the risk or revenue less all the same command but in both cases.


If you want to interpretation it is because the currencies are bought and sold in pairs pairs and not individually.

You pay when you buy the dollar and the Japanese yen, it means you sold the dollar and buy yen, pushing the yen when the dollar buys you practically have to sell yen and buy dollars.

What is important to understand now that in the currency market, unlike other markets can be traded in the market downward Kalmtajerp quite bullish on the market, which gives high flexibility and many more opportunities to trade and get profit.

It is another advantage of the currency market to the rest of the other markets. Therefore we have chosen you to work on the stock exchange without other international.


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