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caya company is the nicest forex online features such

About the company: -

Founded Kaya N. Marquette Capital. G, Ltd. (Caya Capital Markets NZ Limited) for the circulation of foreign currencies in the State of New Zealand. The company is experiencing these days, a marked increase in customer base and the size of the monthly marginally up to 4 billion U.S. dollars, through different platforms caya - caya trader on the web and trader caya Bank - which provides a service to our customers all over the world.
As well as offices located in London, and New Zealand operates caya N. Marquette Capital. G limited branch offices in Dubai, Oman, Eastern Europe, Thailand, South Africa, and South America. Marquette Capital Corporation caya N. G Co., Ltd. is owner and operator brand - one of the fastest growing brands in the industry and prosperous foreign exchange forex.

We offer a competitive trading conditions and unique advantages to its customers from individuals and institutions, and include these benefits to the differences very low prices, excellent liquidity, the best customer services, technical innovation, and access to our research of the highest in the world.

It also offers a company caya a variety of software solutions, trading, and trade partnership harmonization of banks and brokerage firms are characterized by multiple options to participate in the proceeds.
Works Department Customer Service and Trading Room multilingual caya 24 hours 6 days a week, so we, in practice, do not close our doors at all.

This means that you are and wherever you are in this world, at a distance of a phone call from caya. caya company provides traders currency accounts without commissions, and spreads very low prices as well as to provide them with market prices directly in real time.

I have had at Kaya to the strong relationship with the largest banks in the world and therefore it can provide to its customers the best prices on the market.

caya offers its customers direct access to the foreign exchange market trading software by downloading, internet, mobile and telephone.

Thus, customers can choose the best child-friendly trading platform. The platforms caya one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world and the most easily:

caya trader on the Internet, bank trader caya caya Mobile. Platforms through the company caya sophisticated traders can access to all capital markets: foreign exchange, precious metals, oil, stocks and indicators.

The advantages and benefits of trading with caya:

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rolling in Forex, the caya is the best option for traders who value the flexibility, convenience, price differentials very low, and the experience of trading excellence. caya offers its customers a unique trading platforms and services that are unparalleled.

With caya will be to:

The possibility of trading in all financial markets: Forex, precious metals, oil, stocks and indicators.
Direct access to markets across the different trading platforms:

download the software, Internet, mobile phone.
More than 30 currency pairs.
Differences in low prices - starting from a single point.
Accounts without commissions.
Do not miss - the price you click is the price you are done trading.
With caya, there is no re-submit a request for quotations (RFQ) - Users of platforms for trading caya click on live feed prices directly, without the timing and without the intervention of other traders - that is, trading a single click.
Ensure supply to the requests of the market during trading hours.
Trading profit margin of 0.25% or a leverage of 1:400.
Limited risk - there is no negative balances. caya with your risk is limited to funds or deposit only. Policy provides caya based on automatic bleed when you access the profit reserve limit for our customers peace of mind with respect to straddling the city, and by ensuring that they will not become guilty of never more than what is available in their account.
Provide constant liquidity in all market conditions. caya we are not dealing only with the best institutions that provide liquidity in the world.
Currency trading 24 hours a day online, and trading via telephone from Sunday through Friday.
caya platform with advanced trading on the web do not need to download or to install programs or Java or controls ActiveX, providing the platform you can trade from anywhere, at any time and without any problems may be caused by the firewall.


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