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The basis of trade in the foreign exchange market

The global foreign exchange market has the biggest market in the world with a daily volume of its revenues by around 1.2 trillion million U.S. states, making it the monument reduces the combined volume of all transactions between currency markets and securities in the whole world combined.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of trafficking in foreign currencies and most important is the amount of power and influence that he brings to the individual and the high liquidity 24 hours a day at the same time that the transaction costs associated with the trafficking is low.

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Of course there are many trade organizations that contribute mainly to put forward currency created by the business activities of import and export only, but bulk of the inputs is done by companies and financial institutions. The remaining investments in foreign currencies is an area favored by professional player in international stock funds and these are the banks and financial brokers and despite that any investor has sufficient knowledge of the operations and functions of the market could benefit fully from all the features mentioned above.

In the following pages we will provide Bas basic concepts of trafficking in foreign currencies. If you want more information you can participate in the free membership on this site where you can exchange views with other foreign exchange dealers and to obtain any answers to questions like that posed.

Treated margin

It is natural that the trade in foreign currencies at the margin it is possible for a small amount of the applicant, can control the positions of the largest in the market for trading in major currencies, Saxo Bank requires that there be a margin deposit of 1%. This means that to be dealing in million U.S. dollars you need for the filing of 10000 U.S. dollars just for insurance.

In other words, you should have a capacity for dealing in 100 times so this means you can change for example, that 2% of the value-bearing Atjark which result in 200% profit or loss on the money you have deposited. See below for specific examples. As you can see this requires a structured approach to trafficking, as the profit opportunities and risks are not negligible.

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