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Features of the foreign exchange market

Features of the foreign exchange market:


Forex has a lot of features that made the largest financial market in the world and the fastest growing, day after day an increasing number of traders in the currency market to lead to the other markets:
● liquidity huge: Forex characterized Bassiolth huge, there are always buyers and sellers at each price, which means the ability to open and close deals at the price you want, unlike in the stock where it can remain suspended in a deal due to lack of liquidity in the stock that you bought it, or where it can not find out when the price offers that you want to buy the stock it.
● the possibility of trading in a timely manner to you: Forex works 24 hours a day, this gives the opportunity for traders in all parts of the world trade in time for them regardless of their availability or not.
● Profit in both directions upward and downward: in Forex you can take advantage of the way, if the expected rise in purchasing the land if you suspect you are selling, or you can take advantage of all market conditions.
● trading using leverage: in the currency market you can trade many times your capital using leverage, which is not available in any other market, and you can achieve large profits from small amounts. But you must beware As leverage to help you achieve substantial profits, may also cause huge losses if not used wisely and carefully.
● trading without additional commissions: There are no additional commissions on transactions in the currency market, mediator does not take the implementation of the deals but the price differential between the purchase price and selling price.
● can not be any point of price controls: huge liquidity to the currency market makes it impossible for any class to the market and price manipulation, as happens in the market is weak liquidity, even the top banks and large investment portfolios can not control prices.
● the possibility of trading in small amounts: Minimum to open an account in the currency market in most companies no more than 200 dollars, which allows small investors trading in the market, like any other adults, their need for funds flowing
. ● the possibility of opening a free demo account: the availability of the brokerage firms the ability to open a free demo account (demo Account), from which you can trade in the market with money and fake, to train on market conditions, the different quality learning before you start trading, and are trading on price and the actual conditions of the market and the only exception that the funds in the demo account is fake and only for training, one of the most important features in the currency market, where you can practice on the market already judged on your performance and the future. Hard and I saw that the best way if you have the problem of unemployment Elly Pto'zajhna all of us in the Arab world or want to open your own business yourself or learn the new job Kalthalil technical and offer tips and advice all this is possible with Forex, but tired and learn and, God willing Anousel.


It is estimated that financial analysts daily volume of currency trading in the forex market by about 3 trillion dollars (3 trillion dollars a day), where hundreds of millions of dollars bought and sold every few seconds. [2] As an example, showed a survey carried out by the Arab Advisors Group, said around 70 a Jordanian trading in foreign currencies at the margin (Forex) amounts almost 787 million U.S. dollars. "[3]

And are traded by buying and selling major currencies which have the core portion of operations in the forex market is the U.S. dollar (USD) the base currency and the euro (EUR) and pound sterling (GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF) and Japanese Yen (JPY), Australian dollar ( AUD), Canadian Dollar CAD)) and the currencies of other Arab and foreign countries.

The economists that the currency markets are markets created by the technical routine and facilitated its recent expansion, and technology affected the forex market, this market could attract large groups of investors during the past years thanks to the spread of technology and communications. [4]

In contrast to several markets spread in the market, the currency market is not a good market of elite dealt with only few people, but lack of interest in media coverage of economic activities, trade currency to make this market away from the public. Even people who do not have experience in dealing with Internet and computer, they can trade via telephone calls to brokerage firms and projections indicate to accept a large segment of young Saudi and Gulf to trade currencies in future periods.


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